Blue Card Information


About the "Blue Card"

The law came into effect on August 1, 2012. It introduces the "Blue Card EU" as a new residence permit, given to those foreign nationals who hold a university degree from a
recognized Institute/University.

The EU Blue Card permit has been incorporated into the German Residence Act as part of the implementation of the European Directive on highly qualified employment, the aims of which are to introduce a single residence permit for highly qualified workers at EU level, to make such a permit attractive and thus to facilitate and promote the migration of this group of workers. The Blue Card is a new residence permit for non-EU nationals who have an academic or equivalent qualification and a defined level of minimum salary. Through the EU Blue Card, non-EU nationals with a university degree or equivalent qualification may be awarded a residence permit for the purposes of taking up employment based on their qualification.

Conditions for the EU Blue Card

German or recognised foreign or comparable foreign higher education qualification.
Evidence of an annual minimum gross salary of  EUR 53.600,- in 2019.
Exception: in the case of an EU Blue Card being awarded to scientists, mathematicians and engineers or to doctors and IT specialists, a lower salary limit applies, about EUR 41.808,- in 2019.
Permit limited to a maximum of four years upon first issue.
Exceptions: If an individual possesses a work contract for a period of less than four years, the residence permit shall be awarded for the same term as the contract lasts plus three months.
Holders of an EU Blue Card shall be awarded a permanent settlement permit if:

they have been in highly qualified employment for 33 months,
they can provide evidence of having paid compulsory contributions or other proof of expenses creating entitlement to insurance benefits that are comparable to those provided under the statutory pension insurance scheme, and
the other generally applicable conditions for the granting of a settlement permit are met.
Provided that the individuals concerned can demonstrate having adequate language skills (level B1), the settlement permit shall be granted after a period of 21 months.

Useful Link

There is an official website from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, which gives you reliable Information and a FAQ section about Migration to Germany (including the Blue Card):